About me!

Mi nombre es Laura Fortuna. I am a personal finance coach.

I was raised by single women. I saw how they struggled to provide for me and my siblings. Mami and mamá (grandma) encouraged me to get an education so I can have a better future.

After graduating from university with a master degree and working in my dream job, I soon found myself overwhelmed by my student debt. That is when I began to really pay attention to the way I spent my money, what it meant to save for retirement and how my student debt was preventing me from living the better life mami and mamá wanted for me. Today, I’m investing for retirement, have an emergency fund and I’m on track to pay off my student loans in 2021.

When I am not sharing personal finance content on Instagram @thefortunecoach, or teaching my comadritas via the Money Bootcamp, I am either working as a Certified Public Accountant, or I am chilling with a book, or spending time con la familia.

I invite you to join me to learn about your personal finances and make your life’s dreams happen!

Laura Fortuna